Passions, hobbies and fads


Some people were born to be retired. You know the type – they always have something going on, like big DIY projects, loads of weekly clubs and several pretty serious hobbies. For those people, life is great and retirement is an opportunity to go to town on their passions.

Others aren’t as lucky. They’re usually very hard workers, but they don’t have much else going on apart from that. I generally assume that when they retire, they’ll lie around watching TV and looking restless. Many of them will work way past their retirement age as a result.

If you’d asked me recently what type of person I was, I would have said “born to be retired”. I’m always up to something, bouncing from one crazy idea to another. My poor wife has to listen to my chit-chat about the new Great Thing I’m thinking or planning. And while I enjoy my job, it’s something I do to enable everything else. I definitely don’t live to work.

But recently I’ve been thinking about my fads and I realised I’ve got nothing that counts as a true passion. Certainly nothing that passes the “drudging through the drudgery” test from The Minimalists, for example. Despite considering myself someone with a whole bunch of interests, I’m actually just bouncing from one fling to another. I guess I knew this at some level (after all, I registered “dad with a fad”.com), but at the time I saw it as a tongue-in-cheek name.

I’ve realised I need to work harder on developing some real passions and filter out many of the ideas my mind comes up with. To help with this, I’ve resorted to old fashioned technology – a notebook. Like a compulsive shopper who’s trying to control their spending, I’m going to use this book to get a grip on my fads. Whenever I have a crazy new hobby idea, I’m going to write it down and mull it over for a few weeks. I’ll consider the pros and cons and try and think of reasons why it wouldn’t last as a long-term interest.

This is all leading up to my new plan – nurturing an actual passion or two for 2018. I’m going to force myself to see something through, for at least six months, starting in January. Wish me luck!